Let's Get Together: The Divine Ivy Story

Let's Get Together: The Divine Ivy Story

With an eye for design and a good party, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an event planner. Socializing, fun decorations, and creating memories, I truly can’t think of anything better. After graduating with an Event Management degree and planning professional events, I brought my talents from my home in Illinois down to Dallas, Texas.

And they sure were right, everything is bigger in Texas. Dallas has a knack for throwing big, exciting parties that you can't find anywhere else. Working in the event industry in Dallas has given me a unique perspective on how to create experiences and lasting memories for attendees.

Which is how I ended up here. Over my few years in the event planning industry, I have seen some of the most extravagant events. What I quickly learned was my favorite part of an event is setting the table. Detail by detail, the table can be designed or themed for any occasion. While the table is created to be eye catching at an event, it is also where the memories happen. Our experiences come to life around our dinner tables and the memories created there. And what is a memory but not the people we share them with?

So that is what you will find here, all the things you need to bring your favorite people together. Whether it's a large event or a small gathering in your home, it is the memories created that we cherish the most. You will find this in my tableware and dinnerware collections, that have been thoughtfully designed with you in mind. But that's not all you get with Divine Ivy. I am sharing my expertise of event design and how you can bring it into your daily lives. From hosting tips, design and decor, recipes, and more, Divine Ivy is here to make your next event easy and stylish, so that you can focus on creating moments with the ones you love. Divine Ivy is more than a piece of silverware or a mug, but the moments we use them to create the stories of our lives. 

From my heart to your dining room table, Let's Get Together! 

Shonna Gainey

Founder and Creator of Divine Ivy

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